About Us

Devron is on the path to build the next-generation machine learning platform to enable decentralized analytics. Our federated machine learning platform derives value from enterprise sensitive data silos — without ever needing to redact, anonymize, synthetically generate or centralize any of your data. The founding team came out of the intelligence community of the U.S Government — along with early-stage growth experience at a few of the top fin-tech and health-tech organizations. We're venture-backed by investors focused on execution, product innovation, and growth.

Sean Campbell

Senior Software Engineer

Sean has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Iona College. Prior to Devron, he worked on internal infrastructure at Google. His prior machine learning work includes implementing a new optimization algorithm with TensorFlow Federated, and projects in AI for climate and historical authorship attribution.

Swadesh Sharma

Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Business Development
Swadesh is a proven operational leader with 22+ years of Life Sciences with a a record of success in introducing innovative strategies that drive growth, define short- and long-term strategic vision, and create a positive company image.

David Murray

Chief Business Officer

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Kartik Chopra

Founder and CEO
Kartik's a former Undercover Intelligence Officer with a breadth of experience in recruitment, team building and product development. He's spearheaded efforts across covert financial intelligence, geospatial and distributed computing leveraging deep fundamentals in software engineering and machine learning.

Douglas Rosa

Head of Talent
Doug is a highly versatile operator with 13 years of experience building high-performance teams, standing up new verticals and processes to drive growth. Leading venture-backed companies through early-stage growth and scaling.

Eddie de Leon

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Eddie graduated from MIT's NLP lab with a Master's in AI. He has actively contributed to ML Lifecycle tools including MLflow, AzureML, and was a founding member of the Open Differential Privacy SmartNoise Project

Chul Gwon PhD

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Chul has a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics. He is a machine learning expert with over 18 years experience developing solutions for leading AI companies and the federal government.

Claudia Crist

Operations Analyst
Claudia is an operations analyst with experience in corporate access and operations at financial institutions and startups.

Sidhartha Roy PhD

Head of Research

Sid has a PhD in Machine Learning from University of Iowa and experience in working for startups and DoD/DoE clients like the US Air Force and Los Alamos National Lab on predictive modeling, data privacy, and federated learning.

Alex Granados

Head of Federal Business Development
Alex is CEO and owner Prescient Edge Corporation (PEC), a government contracting firm providing global intelligence services, engineering solutions for air, land, sea, space, and digital domain customers. Alex is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and received his MBA in International Business and Finance from the George Washington University.

Kai Wombacher

Technical Product Manager

Kai received his Masters in Data Science from Brown University and was a Data Scientist at a B2B Customer Intelligence Platform for several years before transitioning to Product Management for Machine Learning Products.

Saif Haobsh

Product Designer

Marwah Roussi

Machine Learning Operations Engineer
Marwah is a machine learning operations engineer with a degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the University of Chicago with experience building machine learning applications in astrophysics at NASA, Fermilab, and CERN.

Peter Osthus PhD

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Pete has a PhD in Applied Linguistics. A former Air Force officer, he has more than 10 years of experience designing and building analytic products for the US government.

Nanaki Singh

Backend Engineer
Nanaki is a software engineer with degrees in Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics and Logic from Carnegie Mellon University and experience in backend design and product processes at GoDaddy and Karat.

Ken Stibler

Operations Analyst
Ken is pursuing his Master of Public Administration from George Washington University and brings experience in consulting, investment banking, and at the State Department

Farukh Kohistani

Senior Operations Manager
Farukh brings in customer relation expertise with years of experience in customer success, project management, healthcare and data analytics.

Shashank Pathak

Machine Learning Engineer
Shashank has his Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University with previous experience in AI and Data science.