Synergy SDK

Designed for Developers - 

Hello, Federated Learning.

Our Synergy Software Development Kit (SDK) includes a suite of APIs that enterprise data scientists can use off the shelf to build their own Federated ML Algorithms. Our SDK empowers developers to preserve the privacy of data sources and methods, train algorithms faster due to smaller data sets, and reach faster machine learning model convergence using Federated Machine Learning.

How It Works

Flexibility to Define Federated Learning for your Enterprise.

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Synergy SDK allows data scientists access to insights from data wherever it resides. This decentralized data architecture maximizes data privacy without compromising the accuracy of your predictive models. This means that the costly, time consuming and risky centralization normally required for machine learning can be a thing of the past. 

Revolutionary Technology, Real Benefits.

Leaving data at the source and employing powerful metadata encryption keeps your data secure from hackers and your organization compliant with regulations like the GDPR and CCPA. Synergy therefore minimizes your exposure to cyber and regulatory risk alike.

Understand the Process.

Our algorithms take you inside the black box, as all the models built within the platform offer explainability demonstrating how each federated data source impacted your model - giving your team confidence in your conclusions.


Easy Integration

Integrate with mobile and enterprise applications using pre-existing access controls, data stores and software frameworks.

Secure Model Sharing

Secure model sharing via distributed model development, on device intelligence and privacy preservation.

Data Visualization

Train models, create visuals and manage user access all in the click of a button using our product.


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