Accelerating Real World Evidence Studies

A global pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on rare genetic diseases analyzed 8000 patients for a prospective real-world evidence (RWE) study.


  • Centralization of unstructured data was an expensive undertaking that resulted in a lag between data collection and analysis.
  • Excel was the “gold” standard to collate, clean, analyze and report.
  • Security, confidentiality and privacy of data, sources and methods created regulatory and reputational risk.


  • Devron collaborated with rare disease data science/operations team to deploy/train models at the point of data generation across 5 research sights in 2 countries.
  • Devron’s encrypted model artifacts and repeated improvements in model accuracy accelerate analytics across all research sites.
  • Increases in speed and accuracy helped unlock predictive insights while curating portfolio ops efficiencies.
Accelerating Real World Evidence Studies
Accelerating Real World Evidence Studies
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