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Covert Financial Intelligence

The intelligence community faces innovative adversaries that effectively exploit financial systems to fund illicit activities.


  • The intelligence community (IC) needs to monitor transactions dispersed across multiple applications and cloud regions around the world.
  • Monitoring the pattern of life behavior of individuals conducting international transactions means analysis is hampered by the scope, scale, and limitations of data.
  • Difficulty preventing fraudulent transactions from happening at the speed of global travel and inter-institutional money movements.


  • Devron deployed on siloed transactional consumer financial application data to learn from trends across the globe without needing data centralization.
  • Connect to relevant databases across the globe that have tabular (SQL, CSV) data storing transactional history, geolocation movements, parties involved and amounts.
  • Trained models predict transactions meant to inflame political tensions, detect anomalies to track adversaries, and use geolocation movements to prevent adversarial transactions.
Covert Financial Intelligence
Covert Financial Intelligence
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