Federated Identity Access

A digital retailer seeking to mitigate the cyber-risk of centralizing identification data, but faces access challenges with decentralized storage.


  • Centralizing large batches of identification data increases the risk of large cyberattacks and the accompanying reputational and remediation costs.  
  • However, accessing decentralized identification data expands the surface area for attacks, thus increasing cybersecurity overhead.
  • The retailer faces the difficult choice between model accuracy and cost-effective data protection at the edge.


  • Devron could train multiple models on identification data at the point of collection without centralization to enable secure federated identity management and access.
  • Embedded privacy enhancing technologies could allow the retailer’s data scientists to use identification information while minimizing attack vectors to keep data both useful and safe.
  • Access to additional training data then could increase model accuracy while decreasing the cybersecurity resources needed to protect sensitive identification information.
Federated Identity Access
Federated Identity Access
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