Petri Dish

Synergy Makes

Health Happen

Synergy || Finance

  • Enables fintech companies to derive analytics from sensitive consumer banking and financial data.

  • Assists international financial institutions to better analyze and categorize transactions without moving data across borders or centralizing it all in one place. 

Synergy || Medical

  • Empowers teams to utilize their data without costly, slow, and dangerous centralization.

  • Synergy allows global healthcare, pharma, and health-tech companies to better analyze sensitive patient data while maintaining ironclad data security using privacy-preserving decentralized analytics.

Synergy || Government

  • Used across multiple government entities, Synergy allows users to create actionable intelligence through decentralized predictions enabling officers to respond more quickly to emerging threats.

  • Synergy enables intelligence and military officials to better understand seized data without waiting to centralize it all. 

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