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Access more data  
Preserve privacy
Gain Insight Faster

Build & train machine learning models on distributed data for
faster insights and better business outcomes without
the cost & risk of centralization.


Devron is the winner of the “Best AI Solution for Big Data” award in the fifth annual AI Breakthrough Awards program.

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Arrive at Better Insight

The efficacy of machine learning algorithms is frequently limited by the accessibility of diverse, quality data sources. By unlocking access to more data and providing transparency of dataset model impacts, you get more effective insight.

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Shorter Time to Insight

Obtaining approvals, centralizing data, and building out infrastructure takes time. By using data where it resides while federating and parallelizing the training process, you get trained models and valuable insights faster.

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Less Engineering Overhead

Because Devron offers access to data in situ and removes the need for masking and anonymizing, you won’t need to move data—greatly reducing the overhead of the extraction, transformation, and loading process.

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Preserve Data Privacy

From the product roots and current usage by intelligence agencies and privacy-conscious enterprises, data privacy is at the core of our product. Blocking access to the raw, underlying data in distributed data sets, Devron preserves the privacy of data.

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More Data Access

As valuable data arises in more places, it becomes increasingly difficult to access. By federating the algorithm training and preserving the privacy of the data, you’ll quickly unlock access to diverse and valuable data sets.

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Lower Cyber Risk

By duplicating and centralizing data, organizations provide a larger attack surface for bad actors. Devron substantially lowers your cyber risk. Reveal your desired insights without centralizing.

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Faster Experimentation

The greatest insights often begin with a hypothesis or a question. By accessing data where it lies and rapidly deploying cloud-based infrastructure (where applicable), you’ll lower the costs and time to test data value hypotheses.

The Devron Platform

Our innovative data science solution leverages federated machine learning to access more of your data where it resides. By increasing the volume of data, you reduce the time to value and increase model generalizability while preserving the privacy of data sources and methods.

Fits Your Data Stack

Devron seamlessly integrates inside your cloud data lakes, warehouses and data processors to enable decentralized machine learning. Our Python SDK provides developer ergonomics to integrate with all your favorite tools.

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If you’re familiar with Jupyter notebooks, you’ll feel right at home with Devron. Use our APIs to access remote data in an environment for rapid discovery.

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Our Partners

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