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Realize Better Business Outcomes

From government agencies to financial institutions, Devron empowers your data and analytics to drive results. Whether it is saving money from unnecessary data migrations or ensuring that decision makers know what’s happening at the edge in real time, Devron makes it real in your enterprise.

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Increase Revenue. Access data across divisions and customer segments for consumer pattern of life analysis and to create more effective promotion, capture greater wallet share, and improve customer retention.

Use Cases

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Compliance & Security

Preserve Privacy. Combine cross-BU or cross-Atlantic insights without commingling personal data to reduce the risk of fines and the cost of compliance. Integrate internal data across silos faster to reduce fraud and better manage risk.

Use Cases

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Better Decisions. Integrate internal data across silos faster for more accurate forecasting, transaction tracking and reduced customer churn.

Use Cases

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Increase Efficiency. Examine data across facilities and work types to improve logistics, reduce manual tasks, and decrease costs.

Use Cases

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Experiment quickly. Explore data hypotheses faster by accessing data sets in situ and leverage data privacy protections to incorporate more shared data to improve patient care and innovate faster.

Use Cases

Industries Empowered by Devron


  • Devron enables financial institutions and fintech companies to derive analytics from sensitive consumer banking and financial data.
  • International financial institutions can better analyze and categorize transactions without moving data across borders or centralizing it all in one place.

Life Sciences

  • Devron allows global healthcare, pharma, and health-tech companies to better analyze sensitive patient data while maintaining ironclad data security using privacy-preserving decentralized analytics.
  • Teams can utilize their data without costly, slow, and dangerous centralization.


  • Used across multiple government entities, Devron allows users to create actionable intelligence through decentralized predictions enabling officers to respond more quickly to emerging threats.
  • Devron enables intelligence and military officials to better understand seized data without waiting to centralize it all.

Media & Telecom

  • Devron empowers subscriber-based businesses to identify customer preferences and behaviors to better tailor services, improve customer experience, and detect anomalies across distributed data without exposing consumer privacy.

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