Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Harness distributed equipment and sensor data to better predict component failure and reduce costly downtimes.


  • Mean-based schedule maintenance was undermining competitiveness as delivery times increased and margins decreased.
  • Management suspected that maintenance schedules were too frequent for some regional routes and not enough for others.


  • Devron collaborated with the business intelligence team to deploy and train machine learning models at the sensors on each rig.
  • Encrypted model artifacts from each location are sent back to Devron Central Authority to train the main ML model and develop a more nuanced picture of maintenance needs across routes and truck types.
  • Company moved from preventive to predictive maintenance which saw an over 35% reduction in downtime.


Enable Preemptive Maintenance Operations
Increase Prediction Accuracy
Reduce Costly Downtimes
Reduce Time to Insight