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SPS Selects Devron to Jumpstart AI for Improved Client Success & Efficiency

SPS Selects Devron to Jumpstart AI for Improved Client Success & Efficiency

February 8, 2023

Devron accelerates SPS AI and data science efforts to deliver more data-centric and AI-driven operations.

New York, NY - February 2, 2023; Devron, the leader in federated data science for distributed and private data, has leveraged its federated machine learning technology to improve client success and efficiency for SPS, a leading outsourcing provider of business process solutions. The partnership advances SPS’s digital and data-enriched business services through innovations that provide predictive data analytics to elevate customer solutions, service levels, and resource planning for its clients.

By implementing Devron’s federated machine learning and data science platform, SPS was able to analyze disparate datasets without moving data, including loan package volumes, processing stage details, and broader external market data. SPS has also been able to analyze workload volumes and resource efficiency to provide greater insight to customers to aid in streamlining operations.

“Traditionally, companies have faced lengthy data movement and rationalization initiatives before they could begin realizing benefits from AI and data science. Devron provides a shortcut to accelerate these efforts and demonstrate value sooner. Working with a highly customer-focused organization in SPS has been a welcome opportunity for our team to showcase the potential and versatility of our solutions and deliver immediate benefits,” said David Murray, Chief Business Officer at Devron.

Using the Devron platform, which helps companies jumpstart their data science functions, SPS developed initial predictive AI models that more accurately forecasts client daily workload volumes, drivers, and anomalies. This process was rapidly accelerated in just six weeks through Devron’s ability to provide the technology and experience to enable SPS to give more insight to clients on their business operations and improve delivery processes without data movement overhead or risk and while preserving data privacy.

“SPS has long been committed to continuous innovative services for our clients. Working with Devron has been a beneficial experience and is yielding direct value to our organization and the clients we serve,” said Dan Moscatiello, CEO North Americas. “Devron has enabled SPS to further provide innovative approaches and served as an accelerant to our AI and data science efforts by expediting data access and allowing us to maintain our strict data privacy standards. With the ability to unlock new value from data without risk of data movement or exposure, SPS will continue to expand its AI capabilities for client service and internal efficiency.”

About Devron

Devron is an advanced data science and machine learning technology company that unlocks trapped value and exposes hidden business insights without compromising data privacy. Its innovative federated machine learning platform enables customers to analyze their datasets where they reside without incurring the time, risk, and costs of moving data. Backed by a consortium of institutional investors led by Tiger Global and including FinTech Collective, Afore Capital, and Essence Venture Capital, and headquartered in New York City, NY, Devron is accelerating time to insight for private and public sector customers. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About SPS

SPS is a leading outsourcing provider of innovative services in business processing and data management. Building on our Swiss foundations and global footprint, we are the trusted partner for process optimization and intelligent automation. With transformative end-to-end solutions, we create new possibilities for our clients. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, SPS operates in more than 20 countries and focuses on clients in banking, insurance, health and legal. SPS has more than 8,500 employees and is recognized with a world-class NPS by its global client base. Learn more how SPS’s people make an impact that matters at


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